The journey of Will Bloom…

I began my employment at just over 14 months ago. I’d just left sixth form and had no idea of what career path I wanted to take. I decided to apply for an Office Administration Apprentice role at With an interview, I was able to get the job.

I was so nervous about beginning my apprenticeship, but I had no reason to be. Everyone has been so friendly and nice, and I felt a valued member of the team straight away.

Some of my proudest moments at include:

  • August 2018- Loose rigging must be checked once every 6 months to ensure it’s still safe and in regulation with LOLER. Instead of every single different piece of loose rigging having to be inserted every time by hand, there’s now a system which I helped create so you can barcode the loose rigging and it updates, saving weeks of man-hours.
  • January- August 2019- I took over the handling of training in this time. We completed training courses including CAT Scanning, St John’s Ambulance and Rigger team leader training. This has all proved important for development.
  • March- September 2019- I took over marketing during this period. Despite having no experience with managing a marketing project; I was successful, and the training which I went on helped with my skills in this regard.
  • Confidence- My confidence has grown during my time at I started at I would say I struggled with confidence in the past. However, as time has passed, I’ve found my confidence has grown, especially on a one-on-one basis.
  • Sound practical judgement- Before I started, I think my practical judgement was okay but nothing special. Now, however, I feel like my practical judgement has improved a lot as I’ve had to use it so much over the past year, especially when going outside into the yard.

In the future, I would like to progress in several ways:

  • Photography
  • Marketing
  • Time management skills
  • Confidence

I went on several training courses in the time I’ve spent at, including:

  • Mates in Mind
  • St John’s Ambulance, Emergency First Aid at Work
  • STC, Core Skills
  • Digital Growth Programme, Integrating Social Media into your business
  • Digital Growth Programme, Working with Digital Images
  • Custard, Computer Security Awareness
  • D2N2 Growth Hub, Blogging for Business

As of right now, I’m looking forward to developing further as I finish my Apprenticeship, begin my Level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership and move into the role of Technical Administrator.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about in this time they don’t employ apprentices so they can pay them less. They don’t employ apprentices so they can get rid of them after a year. They employ apprentices to develop them into skilled, valued members of the family.


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